Monday, January 8, 2007

Winning is a habit

India v South Africa
Third test, final day - 6 January 2007,
Newlands, Cape Town,
We lost by 5 wickets

We got to see a lot of things in the SA v India series decider. There was a plan behind all that – you would think !

Tendulkar was bowling well and was most likely amongst all the bowlers to get a wicket, but that’s is not his job. He was getting enough purchase from the surface to trouble the batsmen and ruffle up their psyche but he was wasting crucial time which could be used for testing the 'bowlers' instead.

The ‘bowlers’ who were straying in their line and length had to keep bowling because that is their role in the team. Add to this an unfit bowler and the team gets to learn how to deal with a situation like that in an series decider.

Irfan Pathan was a better batsman than most of the batsmen in the team; he was sent back and for once an absolutely unknown Ishant Sharma was almost on his way to SA while Harbhajan looked on.

Dravid and Chappell spent hours out in the center and studied the pitch (while Ganguly was in nets, he probably didn’t know the plan). They really knew something which I couldn’t comprehend as Harbhajan was strategically kept out. The opposition, however, felt the urgency and called upon a spinner even though we are considered as amongst the best players of spin.

Sehwag played well batting down the order, but he is an opener. If he wants to bat he has to do that up the order otherwise he is useless- according to the plan.

They all must practice and do the tasks that have been planed for them. If they fail, experimenting and testing out as many players as possible has been higher on our priority list off late. We will find new recruits. If we loose a match or two (or more) doing that, we can most certainly afford that.
People shouldn't make a big deal of it. We may not be able to name five trustworthy bowlers and openers etc. having done all that, but ask our management and they will say its all worth it. Our team may not be performing up to it, but they seem to have a plan. They are planning for the world cup - I guess.

We shouldn't disturb them.

Having said that, I couldn't help but cherished the moments of jubilation our players had having won the first test match in this series. I like it when our player are happy and feeling what a win feels like.

Vengsarkar, outside the party hall, sharing his thoughts on that win quite rightly said "Winning is a habit!"

I cant help but pray the same doesn't apply to loosing.

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Anonymous said...

How about giving 'em all some rest and starting from scratch. I reckon guys in the management can use some off time as well. I'm afraid that I'm searingly sure that the results wont be too disappointing.