Sunday, January 21, 2007

A way out !!

Having lost in bulk it seems we wanted to win one- badly. And we did. Good to see Ganguly back. He actually is one of the best ODI cricketers India has ever produced- statistically speaking. Incidentally most animated and ill treated as well. But he is back and so is his BAT. I hope we do not mess it up again.

But there seems to be a taboo on getting back to the best and most successful opening pair ever. Why cant we get back to Ganguly and Tendulkar. Its one thing to choose for the future but have a look at Matthew Hayden and Michael Hussey before getting too obsessive about that approach.

What a match though.

A placid pitch- easy as it gets- where every body makes runs. We won it. But what are we doing? We are to name the finals for our world cup squad in a few days time. How will such matches aid us in that process? If Gambhir played well here, will he be deemed- in form? How will such matches help us test the caliber of the players and gauge their form?
If Virender Sehwag had played, he would've had a good time, it was that kind of pitch, but would that mean he's out of his shell?

But I guess we could ill afford to loose any more. At least not at home soil. Loosing here could spell doomsday for all our hopes. So won one. And this match looked pretty much like that. Scripted for an easy win. Scripted as a way out, as we wanted to win one - badly.

To conclude I say
Having done all that we did win it 'badly' enough with WI only 14 runs behind.


Balaprakash said...

Playing these kind of flat wickets is not going to do any good for us. what it does is batsmen r going to ride in cloud nine and bowlers r going to have a nightmare. but this is not going to happen in west-indies & finally we r going to come-back with sad faces

Nikhil said...

But after a lot of time we won a match. Ganguly is looking great. Thanks to Tendulkar for that wicket, Lara was looking dangerous.